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We have been speaking and writing about creative thinking from 2005.
Design Thinking:
Theory and practice of human-centric design.
Design Research:
Tools and methodology to tackle people's tacit knowledge.
Trend Watching:
Culture and trends scanning. Futures-focused analysis.
Neuroscience of creativity:
How can we unleash the creative potential of our brain?
A few long term forecasts for discussion.
Towards Developing a Complete Mind: Science as Art.
From observing after nature's shades to connecting with true self.
Reflection on the 10-year-old forecast. The article was recommended by Medium in categories 'Business' and 'Marketing'.
Chapter 'Design: From Making Things to Designing the Future', contribution to book "Sustaining Cultural Development: Unified Systems and New Governance in Cultural Life", published by Routledge, London in 2013, republished in 2016.
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